The Redesign of New 2015 Chrysler 200 Will Be Uncovered Pretty Soon

One of the popular and the most awaiting show for which many people wait to arrive that is Detroit Auto Show is all set to come in the next month. For this, so many racers and designers are striving hard to design the best performing car that would certainly drive you crazy.  Looking at the show’s popularity, it seems that the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 is set for the best release which will have a surprising look. This new model was uncovered by the new photo shoot which was arranged last night. The reason behind keeping this type of photo-shoot at night was the use of cover of darkness that gave a much more highlighting effect to the car which enhanced its overall concept.
Features that you may enjoy
Nine-speed automatic transmission
Configurable gauges
LED accent lighting
Various safety systems
1.4 turbo engine
Fuel economy of up to 38 mpg
Advanced telematics
When you will have a first look of this car, the thing that will impress you would be the stylish four-door-coupe roofline which you might not get anywhere else. Besides, it comes with the front-end styling that is an eye catcher. It somehow remind of the Tesla Model S, but this new designs is one of the hot seller other than Honda and Toyota which offers some of the stylish model like Mazda and Ford Fusion. When the car was revealed in the day light, some people could manager to grab the interiors looks which was simply amazing. However, it was similar to what you will notice in Dodge Dart as it comes with the some of the LED accent lighting and the instrument gauges. However, it seems that this is a best car ever launched.
So what are you waiting for? Grab its first look today and get the best of the services about this amazing looking car and make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Cadillac CTS is the New Motor Trend Car for this Year

With some many new inventions as with latest technologies coming up every day, how can you expect the Cadillac CTS to be behind? The car has now won the 2014 Motor Trend Car of the Year. The car has got some of the amazing features that made it win the 2014 Motor Trend Car of the Year. For more of this car, you can certainly search for its video and know the reason why is it on top. Till that time, you can also take a look at some of the other information about the car to help you know this one better. With different body styles which include 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, and 5-door sport wagon this car was introduced in the 2002, and was also listed among the best car for five consecutive years.
The news not be missed out
Announced by the Motor Trend Editor-In-Chief Ed Loh who comes of Fix- it was decided officially that the winner for this series in motor trend competition was none other than Cadillac. The car looks simply among and does not give a chance to name it even once. It has been also praised as the tip one by many great personalities and has been said as one of the “fantastic” yet light in weight car that might have even enter the competition. Other than this, the car has also won few, one achievement in their pockets which includes the COTY crown in the year 2008 and Car of the Year honors.
Features to Enjoy
VSport model
Twin-turbocharged V6
Magnetic shocks
HP and torque ratings
A high performing version of the CTS
Looking at so many features available in this car, it seems that the car is expected to win the coming more competitions as well. However, it is expected that if there are any small drawbacks which the car is showing, the designer must work on it and make it much better user friendly car in the market.

$9.7 BGM Shares has Been Reportedly Lost

The news has come up that US treasury has now announced the loss of $9.7 against the bailout o the general motors. Looking at the loss which the company had to face, it seems that it would be pretty much difficult for them to receive it. The report made from the Detroit News states that according to the annual report made out by General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program to Congress, the news of the loss has been proved true.

How the loss actually happened?

The news states that shares up and downs have now victimized the US treasury. In 2009 The Company has badly faced the loss of 912 million shares for which it is still trying to receive and pay off the government. In total, the company had to look for nearly 60.8 percent of the company shares. However, the numbers seems to have fallen considerably but not recovered.

Though the GM stock is currently on rise, it seems that the deadline set by the government to pay off the previous fall has been becoming a great burden for the company.

Research on US Treasury

The profit of about $7 billion has been made

The expected rise of $7 billion number is positive

The loss has been reduced

46 per share have been recovered so far

It seems that though the shares m=of US treasury are going well currently, but it seems, it is going to be pretty much difficult for the m to pat off the amount.

Looking at the increasing loss, it is expected for the tax payers to bare the loss of around $10 billion. So hope for the US treasury to recover from the loss of GM shares sooner and get back on the full swing.

GM and Chrysler Dealers on a Face Lift

GM and Chrysler have always been known for their profitable dealership.  These companies have curtailed their dealer network considerably after their bail out by the US tax payers. These major players in the auto segment took time while recovering from the stage of bankruptcy. The cutting down of the dealer network was the major initiative in restructuring their bankruptcy. The lower number of dealership witnessed sustainable margins and about 90% of the dealerships were profitable. The dealership number for GM went down from 6,246 in 2008 to 4,335 in 2013, while for Chrysler the number went down from 3,200 in 2009 to 2,600 in 2013.
The analysis made by GM and Chrysler revealed that they had too many dealers and that was one of the reasons for their down trend. This was corrected by bringing the number of dealers down, introducing the new models and that resulted into the record breaking sales figures per dealership. The dealers started receiving better profits and most of them invested these profits in upgrading the facilities. The money was invested in improvement and expansion of the stores and other such customer friendly activities. The result is the happy customer base for GM and Chrysler.
The dealership termination drive also made the dealers work on their flaws to meet the requirement of continuing with the dealership. They started working more towards the brand image and that worked for these auto giants which were on the verge of closure at one point of time. The customers who were against buying any of these auto products are now again finding their dream cars from these automobile companies. Let us hope that the trend of better customer servicing and the super performance models continue so as to let the car lovers enjoy another major innovations from GM and Chrysler.

Chrysler 200 to Run on Road with a New Look

One of the popular automobile manufacturing companies that are still ruling in manufacturing industry- Chrysler Group LLC is again in news. The company is considered as one of the popular American automobile manufacturers that deals in seeking the Jeep, dodge and Ram brands. Besides it also deals in seeking the quality yet durable its automotive parts and accessories division and thus ensures that the car gives a better performance as compared to others. In the production industry, this group is stands on the 12thpistion all over the world.
Chrysler 200: A New Concept
Looking at the progress and the success which the firm has been making in recent time, now Chrysler is planning to launch its new intention soon for which the test are being done. This next-generation 200 sedan is going to be its new model which claims to be one of the new 200s to wear a production body instead of having the Alfa Romeo Giulietta-based mules. Next Generation Chrysler 200 This 200 series car comes with some of the great features and advanced technology which makes it efficient enough to run on the road smoothly and that too at a great speed.
Additional features to Enjoy
Sporty decklid spoiler rear deck
Styled with C-pillar
Exhaust pipes that could be seen from the bumper.
A 2.4-liter, Tigershark four-cylinder
Roofline is more of a four-door coupe
Visible lower air intake
Fuel efficient
This ultra-sized mid-level car comes with the standard equipment and does not need high maintenance. The old version of this luxury car was introduced in the year 2011 and is expected to get a new version to be launched soon. The concept of this car was designed earlier with a view to whether except the traditional engineering or go for the hybrid option. However, looking at eth huge success which its older version has made, the car is selected to get launched soon with much more upgradation.

Why Chrysler is at War With the World’s Largest Viper Club?

The Viper Club of America is presently sanctioned club for Vipers in the USA which was started in the year 1990 when Dodge launched outrageous Viper sports. It was greatly subsidized as well as funded by automaker until early 2000s when Daimler bought Chrysler. But someday Daimler said that they will not continue to simply straight up give out cash to Viper Club. Also they would do good deals and help out the club but the days of open chequebook were done. This is the reason Viper club soldiered on but possibly some changes can be on horizon. 

The Journey toward success

In the year of 2010, the club has made some interesting moves. Firstly, club bylaws were completely changed and updated which intelligently include few ways around preceding term limits which existed for both national president and VCA member funds that are being used to fund Board of Directors.

These bylaws also included something which is called VPA, a company which was to be run by Chris Marshall. This VPA come out as VCA but they need tooling as well as spares which they have purchased from Chrysler. 

This would be a simple way to keep club afloat and just make up for shortfall which came when Chrysler actually stopped footing bill for the club.

Knowing More about It

SRT viper forums is a kind of copy letter dated August 20, 2013 from Pat Dougherty, Chrysler Group’s director to Lee Stubberfield, national president of the Viper Club of America (VCA). This letter completely keeps VCA on notice that there is growing split between both Chrysler as well as the VCA. After that the automaker is sincerely considering re-examining their relationship with group throughout internal meeting that Dougherty says “difficult with an unknown outcome.” Now, the letter of Chrysler is quiet careful in order to just distinguish between national organization as well as regional clubs who say regional groups are operating in manner any company can continue to support.

Record in July Sales in 7 Years: Reports Chrysler Group

According to the announcement of Chrysler Group LLC, company sold around 1, 40,102 vehicles in the previous month.\"\" As compared to the sales in July 2012, the vehicle manufacturing company has achieved a profit of 11 percent. It is also a wonderful record of sales since 2006. According to a representative of the company, July 2013 is known as the period when year over year sales took place with gains in the 40th consecutive month.
Increased sales in the last month
Chrysler Group has reported the increase of their car sales in the previous month. July 2013 is a real big boost for the vehicle manufacturer in the last 7 years. There was a gain of Ram truck with a percentage of 31%. The sales of Dodge brand went up to a level of 18 percent in the month of July. Also the sales of the Jeep and fiat rose to the level of 2 percent in each case.
Sales record of Chrysler\"\"
Chrysler group is happy to realize the sales record of its six variations of vehicles such as Dodge Dart, Jeep Compass, Dodge Avenger, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Avenger. It is also really amazing to see strong retail sales of the vehicle in the market till today. The varieties of vehicles having the maximum sales are known as SUVs as well as trucks. These vehicles have contributed a lot to the Chrysler group to the exclusive year over year sales growth of 40th year.
This was the comment passed by the head of US sales named as Reid Bigland. The company did not expect about the rise of sales growth to such an extent. All the members were really happy to see the sales growth of car brands in July 2013. You can find out more from daily updates.

Get a View of the Next Presidential Limo

Changes are going to take place soon in the President’s limo.  Recent news has confirmed that the Secret Service has started to accept new proposals for a new limousine. From that time the car enthusiasts have been wondering about how this new armored car would look like. The car has been given the nickname “The Beast”. The design of the car has been done based on Cadillac DTS. This car is no longer sold these days. There will be no surprise if the job goes to General Motors. The reason behind this is that the US government still owns a good portion of the company. The shape of the new Limo will be somewhat similar to the newly launched XTS. But in the history of Presidential cars the Cadillac has been so popular.

A brief look at the evolution of Presidential cars

Most of the presidential limousines have been have been provided by Lincoln. In the race Cadillac has been left far behind.
The first car that was designed for carrying the Commander-In-Chief was a Lincoln K-Series car. It was popularly known by the name “Sunshine Special”. This car was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The last Lincoln car was used by George Bush and was ordered in 1989.
If the current president of the United States wants to use a Lincoln now then the car that will be ordered will be a amalgam of MKT crossover and MKS sedan.
Obama himself owns a Chrysler 300 himself before he took charge of the President’s office. Thus it can be well understood that he has some personal connections with the company.

When talking about the car of the President it is only possible to know it from outside. The Secret Service does not reveal what is there inside the car. Thus the next limo will be something that any of the major domestic car manufacturers can offer.

Human Bodies to Car Body: Photographer Shapes Female Form in Fiat 500

Some professional photographer RJ Muna has simply captured performers, dancers and automobiles quiet in the same way as recent project for Fiat. FiatHumanAbarth The photographer has actually photographed twelve naked women that are covered in body paint who are forming what recently appears to be the Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio. Additionally, this amazing and cool photographic effect was largely accomplished even without the help of Photoshop.

As far as these advertisements are concern, it is going to be double, triple and quadruple to take. Here, the group of circus performers, contortionists and dancers were simply used to form human Fiat 500 car simply after being intricately exemplified by an expert body painter. This beautiful idea for advertisement came from Richards Group, of Dallas that produced infamous Super Bowl ad.

Features of Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio:

Powered by 160-hp, turbocharged
Twin-intercooled 1.4-liter inline-four mated to 5 speed manual transmission
Dual exhaust, stiffer and lower suspension
16 x 6.5-inch alloy wheels
Larger rear anti-roll bar
Three-stage stability control system

Recently, Fiat has revealed new ad for 500 Abarth Cabrio in which car itself is simply represented by body-painted female models… This specific ad was created for special “Body Issue” of ESPN the Magazine. The concept of ‘Body Paint‘ print ad handing over athletic grace in magazine which exclusively devotes itself to wrapping athletes all around the world for the Fiat Brand. If you are actually unaware of ESPN’s body issue, this sports magazine describes it as a medium.

Recreating Fiat Abarth with human bodies was not simpler to walk in park, that’s why females who actually participated in shoot were specially selected for their athletic abilities. For this specific ad, the models must have to maintain different challenging poses for long periods of time. And finally, after planning of months and many hours of photo shoots, the effort resulted in beautiful photo of human-formed black Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio which is complete with red accents.

Custom Style Rear Window Mount Spoiler

When it comes to custom style spoilers, there isnt much that can go wrong. However, damage is sure to happen if your get in a collision – especially one that damages the back of your vehicle. Such collisions may not damage the spoiler directly but the angle of alignment may be shifted because of the impact. The spoilers need precise alignment for optimal performance, so if you notice any cracks on the spoiler, it’s a good idea to replace it. Spoilers need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they’re in good working order as well.

Chrysler 300 Spoiler. Chrysler 300 Custom Style Rear Window Mount Spoiler by PURE®. When you want a classy, understated high performance look you want a roofline, or window mount spoiler. This spoiler will add a touch of speed while perfectly melding with your car’s fine lines. It comes with everything required for easy installation.