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Why Chrysler is at War With the World’s Largest Viper Club?

The Viper Club of America is presently sanctioned club for Vipers in the USA which was started in the year 1990 when Dodge launched outrageous Viper sports. It was greatly subsidized as well as funded by automaker until early 2000s when Daimler bought Chrysler. But someday Daimler said that they will not continue to simply straight up give out cash to Viper Club. Also they would do good deals and help out the club but the days of open chequebook were done. This is the reason Viper club soldiered on but possibly some changes can be on horizon. 

The Journey toward success

In the year of 2010, the club has made some interesting moves. Firstly, club bylaws were completely changed and updated which intelligently include few ways around preceding term limits which existed for both national president and VCA member funds that are being used to fund Board of Directors.

These bylaws also included something which is called VPA, a company which was to be run by Chris Marshall. This VPA come out as VCA but they need tooling as well as spares which they have purchased from Chrysler. 

This would be a simple way to keep club afloat and just make up for shortfall which came when Chrysler actually stopped footing bill for the club.

Knowing More about It

SRT viper forums is a kind of copy letter dated August 20, 2013 from Pat Dougherty, Chrysler Group’s director to Lee Stubberfield, national president of the Viper Club of America (VCA). This letter completely keeps VCA on notice that there is growing split between both Chrysler as well as the VCA. After that the automaker is sincerely considering re-examining their relationship with group throughout internal meeting that Dougherty says “difficult with an unknown outcome.” Now, the letter of Chrysler is quiet careful in order to just distinguish between national organization as well as regional clubs who say regional groups are operating in manner any company can continue to support.