Get a View of the Next Presidential Limo

Changes are going to take place soon in the President’s limo.  Recent news has confirmed that the Secret Service has started to accept new proposals for a new limousine. From that time the car enthusiasts have been wondering about how this new armored car would look like. The car has been given the nickname “The Beast”. The design of the car has been done based on Cadillac DTS. This car is no longer sold these days. There will be no surprise if the job goes to General Motors. The reason behind this is that the US government still owns a good portion of the company. The shape of the new Limo will be somewhat similar to the newly launched XTS. But in the history of Presidential cars the Cadillac has been so popular.

A brief look at the evolution of Presidential cars

Most of the presidential limousines have been have been provided by Lincoln. In the race Cadillac has been left far behind.
The first car that was designed for carrying the Commander-In-Chief was a Lincoln K-Series car. It was popularly known by the name “Sunshine Special”. This car was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The last Lincoln car was used by George Bush and was ordered in 1989.
If the current president of the United States wants to use a Lincoln now then the car that will be ordered will be a amalgam of MKT crossover and MKS sedan.
Obama himself owns a Chrysler 300 himself before he took charge of the President’s office. Thus it can be well understood that he has some personal connections with the company.

When talking about the car of the President it is only possible to know it from outside. The Secret Service does not reveal what is there inside the car. Thus the next limo will be something that any of the major domestic car manufacturers can offer.

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