Record in July Sales in 7 Years: Reports Chrysler Group

According to the announcement of Chrysler Group LLC, company sold around 1, 40,102 vehicles in the previous month.\"\" As compared to the sales in July 2012, the vehicle manufacturing company has achieved a profit of 11 percent. It is also a wonderful record of sales since 2006. According to a representative of the company, July 2013 is known as the period when year over year sales took place with gains in the 40th consecutive month.
Increased sales in the last month
Chrysler Group has reported the increase of their car sales in the previous month. July 2013 is a real big boost for the vehicle manufacturer in the last 7 years. There was a gain of Ram truck with a percentage of 31%. The sales of Dodge brand went up to a level of 18 percent in the month of July. Also the sales of the Jeep and fiat rose to the level of 2 percent in each case.
Sales record of Chrysler\"\"
Chrysler group is happy to realize the sales record of its six variations of vehicles such as Dodge Dart, Jeep Compass, Dodge Avenger, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Avenger. It is also really amazing to see strong retail sales of the vehicle in the market till today. The varieties of vehicles having the maximum sales are known as SUVs as well as trucks. These vehicles have contributed a lot to the Chrysler group to the exclusive year over year sales growth of 40th year.
This was the comment passed by the head of US sales named as Reid Bigland. The company did not expect about the rise of sales growth to such an extent. All the members were really happy to see the sales growth of car brands in July 2013. You can find out more from daily updates.

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