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Cadillac CTS is the New Motor Trend Car for this Year

With some many new inventions as with latest technologies coming up every day, how can you expect the Cadillac CTS to be behind? The car has now won the 2014 Motor Trend Car of the Year. The car has got some of the amazing features that made it win the 2014 Motor Trend Car of the Year. For more of this car, you can certainly search for its video and know the reason why is it on top. Till that time, you can also take a look at some of the other information about the car to help you know this one better. With different body styles which include 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, and 5-door sport wagon this car was introduced in the 2002, and was also listed among the best car for five consecutive years.
The news not be missed out
Announced by the Motor Trend Editor-In-Chief Ed Loh who comes of Fix- it was decided officially that the winner for this series in motor trend competition was none other than Cadillac. The car looks simply among and does not give a chance to name it even once. It has been also praised as the tip one by many great personalities and has been said as one of the “fantastic” yet light in weight car that might have even enter the competition. Other than this, the car has also won few, one achievement in their pockets which includes the COTY crown in the year 2008 and Car of the Year honors.
Features to Enjoy
VSport model
Twin-turbocharged V6
Magnetic shocks
HP and torque ratings
A high performing version of the CTS
Looking at so many features available in this car, it seems that the car is expected to win the coming more competitions as well. However, it is expected that if there are any small drawbacks which the car is showing, the designer must work on it and make it much better user friendly car in the market.

$9.7 BGM Shares has Been Reportedly Lost

The news has come up that US treasury has now announced the loss of $9.7 against the bailout o the general motors. Looking at the loss which the company had to face, it seems that it would be pretty much difficult for them to receive it. The report made from the Detroit News states that according to the annual report made out by General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program to Congress, the news of the loss has been proved true.

How the loss actually happened?

The news states that shares up and downs have now victimized the US treasury. In 2009 The Company has badly faced the loss of 912 million shares for which it is still trying to receive and pay off the government. In total, the company had to look for nearly 60.8 percent of the company shares. However, the numbers seems to have fallen considerably but not recovered.

Though the GM stock is currently on rise, it seems that the deadline set by the government to pay off the previous fall has been becoming a great burden for the company.

Research on US Treasury

The profit of about $7 billion has been made

The expected rise of $7 billion number is positive

The loss has been reduced

46 per share have been recovered so far

It seems that though the shares m=of US treasury are going well currently, but it seems, it is going to be pretty much difficult for the m to pat off the amount.

Looking at the increasing loss, it is expected for the tax payers to bare the loss of around $10 billion. So hope for the US treasury to recover from the loss of GM shares sooner and get back on the full swing.