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The Mal-Manufacturing in the Chrysler Car Series

Having a problem in the manufacturing of cars is something that cannot be controlled at the initial stages all the times. Sometimes the defects are detected after the vehicles have been launched in the market.chrysler_300_c Chrysler also faced an issue with one of its car series as the engine of the car was later identified as the inappropriate one as it could ignite fire in the vehicle within seconds, causing huge level of damage to the car as well as the passengers.
Precautionary Measures
After detecting the problem after some of the fire incidents in the same model cars were reported. However, considering the safety of their clients, Chrysler tool the aid of telemarketers to spread the word about the danger that the engines of the car could cause to the owners of the specific model in order to make them alert against any miss happening.2013 Chrysler 300a
They called off the cars with same models present in the lots of the dealers in order to fix the problem and about the ones which had already been claimed by the clients by the time the issue was noticed, the company spread precautionary measures of parking the vehicle away from the residential areas so that even if the fire erupts, the loss of lives and other properties could be avoided.
The experts present in Chrysler are making efforts to resolve the issue as soon as it is feasible for them without charging anything extra from their clients before any other reports of fire eruption due to the vehicle happens.

The New Improved 2013 Chrysler 300 Luxury Sedan Series

Chrysler on the way
2013 Chrysler 300Chrysler has been ruling the roads since years and it still holds up to its promise. It delivers the best entry-level flagship sedan ever with the better convenience and advanced technology. It now focuses more on aerodynamic look of the car than the previous Bentley style. Chrysler’s bold look provides a proper sense of re-invention, imagination and power.
Features of the Sedan
In the re-styling period, Chrysler has worked from its design to its interior features in the best possible way to make it an eye-catching family sedan.
The looks of Chrysler 300 are powerful with a standard powertrain of 8 speed automatic transmission, the most expected feature of a sedan and a 3.6 L Pentastar V6 in the entry level.
Apart from this sedan delivers about 292 HP and 260 lb-ft. of torque and also achieves up to 31 MPG on the highway.
The best feature of this sedan is its bi-functional projector headlamps with LED illuminated lamps which provide better lighting efficiency.2013 Chrysler 300a
Chrysler 300C Luxury 4DR AWD Sedan: This 300C sedan uses 5.7L Hemi V8 mated to a 5 speed automatic transmission which propels the sedan at 363 HP and 390 lb-ft. at torque. The fuel saver technology allows transitions from four to eight cylinder mode which is estimated at 15/23 MPG highway with AWD sedan.
The sedan acquits itself on the road smoothly with a feeling of comfort through its front side windows and acoustic windshields.
It detects traffic from a greater distance and also senses far away tail lights during the night time.

The second generation of Chrysler has made it to the perfect style, fuel efficiency and comfort to be competitive in its features along with a stunning and attractive look towards other expensive and premium sedans.