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The Chrysler John Varvatos S300c Editions Feature Exquisite Touches Both Inside And Out

The Chrysler group has come up with two special edition 300C models which are named as the s300C John Varvatos Limited Editions and the s300C John Varvatos Luxury Editions. Varvatos 300CThese models have been based on inputs provided by the one and only John Varvatos and the number of vehicles being introduced in the markets is going to be extremely limited. The limited editions will be extremely limited in production as well as availability while the luxury edition will be a lot more commercially available and is expected to lie in between the 300C Luxury Series and the SRT8.

The S300c John Varvatos Luxury Editions

The luxury edition is an extremely upscale version of the s300C and features 20 inch alloy wheels, painted accents, John Varvatos bade on the trunk of the vehicle and a chrome platinum grille. Chrysler Brand The interiors are decorated with lush Nappa seats, Poltrona Frau leather for door panels, dashboards and the central consoles, all black or two tone interior color schemes and matte finish wooden trims.

The S300c John Varvatos Limited Editions

While the exact details of the s300C John Varvatos limited editions are not yet fully available, it is expected to be a beauty to look at. It boasts of a phantom Black paint which perfectly complements the exterior trims with titanium looks, dark tinted tail lights and 20 inch alloy wheels. The bumper on the limited edition also seems to be copied from the SRT8 which helps in giving it an extremely mean look. The interior colors have a great combination of gray, black and pewter. The seats boast of metallic Nappa leather while the door panels, dashboard and the central console are covered with Black Poltrona Frau leather. The engine fitted into the limited edition is the 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 and the vehicle features an 8 speed auto transmission.

Review of the all-new 2013 Chrysler 300

A brief introduction of the car
The year 2004 witnessed the initial release and sales of the Chrysler 300. This large luxury family sedan car has managed to surpass the expectations of analysts ever since then. For the sake of illustration, many so-called automotive experts were holding onto the opinion that the sales of this particular model will never make much of an impact in the long-term. However, it appears that the American masses have already spoken – sales of the Chrysler 300 have been steadily increasing ever since 2004. In the rest of the sections, we will be considering the all-new 2013 Chrysler 300. Some characteristic aspects of the Chrysler 300 include
Upon seeing the Chrysler 300 for the very first time, you are going to be impressed with the big stature of the car.
This rear engine powered car speaks volumes when it comes to power, comfort as well as style.
The Chrysler 300 features an all-wheel drive system – this aspect in particular makes the car a healthier ride!
The automobile manufacturer had taken into account of the concerns posted by those who were lucky enough to own and operate the car on a daily basis. Perhaps this can explain why we now have access to a sedated v6 version that focuses much on fuel efficiency rather than performance.
Enjoying the experience of driving a sports car
If you are after performance, then you must be looking at the topmost version of the Chrysler 300 i.e. the SRTB. A unique aspect that this car can truly boast of is the following – you might never feel that you are driving a family car. The Chrysler 300 is more than capable of imparting the feeling that you are in fact driving a sports car. The car is able to manage through tight spots at high acceleration without any issues. Affordability has always been a concern for the automobile enthusiasts across America.
Sensible pricing from Chrysler
Thankfully, they now have access to the Chrysler 300 that has a sensible pricing in comparison the competing products from the rival car manufacturers. This true passenger car can comfortably accommodate five people. The rear seat head as well as the legroom offered to the occupants is simply exemplary in nature. Although many reviews have only praises for the Chrysler 300, there is a marked disadvantage to owning the same car. Not many families will likely small boot space offered by Chrysler. The roomy backseat takes up all the available space and hence explains the small trunk of the car.
Some minor niggles of the Chrysler 300
Also, please bear in mind of the fact that you will have to make additional payments when it comes to installing upgraded interiors. It is also a good idea to upgrade the navigational system that is included with the Chrysler 300 – that too comes with a hefty price tag. At the same time, not many people will fancy the idea of owning a car that comes with a rear-powered engine. They will be more than happy to purchase one of the cars offered by the competition such as Toyota or Ford. Although the company boasts of significant fuel savings, the real world tests are pointing somewhere else.

The Chrysler 300 Series Offer Users With A Unique Blend Of Style And Power

The Chrysler 300 Luxury Series

The luxury series models feature a platinum chrome finish on its mesh grille, mirror caps and door handles. It also includes 19 inch or 20 inch polished wheels to enhance the look. The main difference is the upgraded interiors which are an epitome of luxury. They include Poltrona Frau leather upholstery on the dashboard, seats, central console and the door panels. The front seats also boast of heated and cooled seats while the back seats include just heated seats. The steering wheel is also a lot more distinctive with a chrome accent ring and matching leather. 

The Chrysler 300 Glacier Series

The special edition Glacier series combine the all wheel drive to a number of exterior and interior enhancements. The Glacier series sports a unique look due to its gloss black mirrors, greatly designed headlights, amazing fascia, 19 inch aluminium wheels which have been finished in black carbon and black grilles. The interiors boast of front sport seats, black leather upholstery, unique glacier badges and a black piano trim.

The Chrysler 300 Motown Series

The Motown series has been specially designed by the company to pay tributes to Detriot’s rich musical heritage. It consists of the new 8 speed auto transmission and adds chrome accents to the rear and front fascia, door handles and the door mirror caps. It also boasts of 20 inch aluminium wheels and Mopar front grilles. The interiors boast of pearl white leather upholstery by Nappa, Black Olive Ash and Piano Black wood accents and matching stripes on the seats.