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The Fancy Car Tuning of Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 is a brand of car which is first released in 2003 auto show in New York City, and is also known as a concept car. It was designed by Ralph Gilles, and he built it with the latest version of high-performance. It can also be seen in Australia, in fact, it was the first Chrysler sold in that place since the other one, which is the Valiant, was voided. It was also sold in Europe wherein it is called Lancia Thema, but it is still a brand of Chrysler.
The tuning of Chrysler was crafted by John Fortuno, also known as Fatchance. He has named this project as Fatchance 2.0, since he is the one who crafted it. He also had some runs with the other Chrysler Cars. The tuning of this car had everything that a man could ever imagine. And surely, it will satisfy the wants of the car lovers. These cars are very masculine physically since their exterior designs are mostly black in color. From the paint, the rims of the wheels, the tints of the windows, which are dark, matching the color of the body, the wing and other exterior designs that the person may want to add. Among other brands, it stands out because of its old style looks but modified exterior designs. The special features of Chrysler 300 are not only attractive physically, but also, the interior designs and the engine of this car model is also impressive. Its disc brakes, which are four-wheeled, were standard, it is also power steering, its driver seat can also be controlled automatically, and all of these are standard also. Just like other Chrysler Cars, it also has wireless link to mobile phones, satellites and others. The drivers seat, passengers.