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Chrysler brings plug-in hybrid Dodge 1500’s to Detroit DOE

Chrysler has announced plans of delivering ten plug-in hybrid Dodge 1500’s to Department of Energy of Detroit. This is in accordance to The Big Three’s goal of building pick-up trucks that will turn construction guys go wild. While the Big Three have been experiencing some kind of troubles over the past years, they managed to keep sane over what’s happening in the industry. 
While is also true that many members of the trucking community dispel the idea of turning in hybrid technology to the beloved go-to-workhorse, Chrysler is not giving up hope and isn’t buying the said idea and thinks these guys will soon have open minds with hybrid type trucks.
Chrysler senior manager for advanced hybrid vehicles projects, Abdullah Bazzi disclosed that cities have been carefully selected by Chrysler Group LLC to help in collecting wide range of data and so far have distributed a total of more than 100 test vehicles in these different US cities in gathering data for market research.
Chrysler promptly added that this plan is strictly a test program and there’s still no plan for production version of the trucks in the future but the trucks will be test driven to evaluate the factors that may help out the company for future use.
The test program plans to test the charging performance, city drive cycles, fuel efficiency and the much contested real-world performance. Chrysler also added that although only a hybrid technology test program, the truck will not be less of a punch. These trucks have the options to run in four or two wheel drive for that fuel efficiency factor and they also have Hemi 5.7 under their hood. It makes the hybrid truck as the one to watch for the coming years.
The project is jointly funded by Chrysler and the Department of Energy and at the same time have a joint venture in developing a same fleet of 25 PHEV Town& County mini vans. Chrysler has high hopes that these hybrid trucks will be met with more open and unbiased evaluation from the trucking community.
Chrysler will start the project soon and will release statement pertaining to the data that has been gathered and generated by the test drive. Meanwhile it is encouraging other US cities to take part and participate to make the project accessible and encouraging to truckers who in the near future will have positive outlook for hybrid technology for this tough workhorse.

Chrysler 300 Drags you Down the Tracks

No one can beat the latest generation of Chrysler in the grand automobile car show. Fans would not let go this high- definition speculations built with futuristic engine ready to drag the tracks down. The commercial has skyrocketed the evolution of the American vehicle from their first generation LX platform to the second generation of the Chrysler Group LLC and until today, the features has even gone wild across the globe. 

What defines Chrysler in the garage of Ralph Gilles is typically a high-end sedan equipped with a SRT-8 model. Standard basic tune ups of the 300 series include a four-speed automatic transmission, power drive seat, 17-inch wheels, disc brakes, 2,736 cc of V6 tubes.

The 300C version of Chrysler has legit issues regarding the fuel consumption of the engine. Since it uses a 5.7 liter, the engines will run less power using the Multidisplacement System. The version of 300C has built in a 5-speed automatic transmission to make a 250 kW of horsepower and a 390 lb/ft of torque. In addition, the engine is geared to use the double rocker configuration and an overhead valve pushrod design. Spark plugs in each of the eight cylinders provide to lessen fuel emissions.

SRT became a top star later when their design group made a favorable blow to boom body modifications and engine controller not to mention those 20-inch forged and bright aluminum wheels. Horsepower was raised but the double rocker configuration became obsolete. Instead they upgrade the tuning to a more fine performance.

When Chrysler pike up to a quality engine, they were convince to push technology further in the platform. The SRT-8 series produce a 6.1 liter V8 with a pace of 425 horsepower to the SRT10 engine of 8.4 liter V10 powerhouse. Familiar with the Viper Chrysler, they got it for 300C.

The chase still does not end when car tuner of Mopar unveils in the market. Putting emphasis to grilles, the latest 300 models have customized the front lip of the automobile. Available choices are Gloss black, Platinum Chrome and Bright Chrome. However, these fortune rims are pricey yet worth a luxury.

For the wheels, whole new sizes reveal in stores placing the 18, 19 and 20-inch on the display. The eight spoke 19-inch rim can be purchased with a Satin Carbon look or Black Chrome together with a five spoke 20-inch rim. The 5-spoke 18-inch rim also gives a handsome look if you prefer a unique view of your Chrysler.

Watch out for the Most Luxurious and Fuel-Efficient Chrysler 300 2012

Saad Chehab, President and CEO of Chrysler Brand and Chrysler Group LLC proudly announced last December 27,2011 the coming of all new Chrysler 300 Luxury Series Sedan 2012 which would be according to him the most deluxe and fuel-efficient car for 2012. The ever-efficient Chrysler 300 luxury series is the Chrysler flagship and Chrysler 300 2012 now combines ultra-premium leather with world-class sharpness, safety, connectivity features which are all state of the art compare to other luxury cars. He also added that Chrysler 300 2012 has an eight-speed automatic transmission made more robust with Pentastar V-6 engine.
Speaking for Chrysler, Saad Chehab exclaimed that Chrysler 300 Luxury Edition is more than being their flagship car but also their trophy for the tireless majority and a car designed and built to meet even the most discriminating expectations.
The Chrysler’s big boss described Chrysler 300 luxury Edition 2012 as a car delivering an extreme combination of intense craftsmanship, technology, style and the ultimate best in-class fuel economy at 31 mpg. He also added that Chrysler flagship would expand its lineups with fuel-efficient V-6 engine option on top of Chrysler 300C luxury Series sedan’s 363 horsepower 5.7 liter HEMI V-8 engine complete with Fuel Saver Technology.
Chrysler is very animated in saying that Chrysler 300 and Chrysler 300C is the most highly selected sedan they have ever offered. Both series have a world-class luxury and very impressive styling including all premium amenities and exclusive interior and exterior designs and features.
Chrysler 300 sedan series 2012 vows to have passengers experience world-class level of smartness courtesy of the tiny and evenly-spaced ratios that provide faster acceleration and uninterrupted shift.  Chrysler 300 2012 will deliver up to 17% fuel saving enhancing the previous Chrysler’s generation with most advanced AWD system to ensure the highest rate for efficiency and all- weather traction.
The sedan series will most probably arrive at Chrysler dealerships around the first quarter of 2012. Chrysler at the same time gave a glimpse of Manufacturer’s SRP inclusive of $825 destination. The prices are as follows: Chrysler 300 Luxury Series (RWD) $40,145, Chrysler Sedan Series (AWD)$42,495, Chrysler 300C Luxury Series (RWD) $42,885 and Chrysler 300C Series (AWD) at $45,245
With Chrysler AWD system both for V-6 and V-8 engines, Chrysler 300 2012 has the only combination of active transfer case and the exclusive front-axle disconnect system which can never be seen in any other car models. In addition to this, Chrysler is mighty proud of no driver intervention in RWD and AWD transition. Summing it up, Saab Chehab predicts Chrysler 300 sedan series will continue to be the fun-to-drive car with high performance for 2012.

Chrysler 300: Turns the Head

The ever popular Chrysler 300 sedan offers distinctive styles that are sizzling on the grand scale plus a maximum interior reminiscent belonging to the huge American sedans of the past years. But, the version V-8 SRT8 from the 300 offers another minimal nostalgic boom coming from the past: well, it still guzzles gas.  The type 470 horse-powered Chrysler 300 of 2012 has a performance that can compete to its vicious rivals Lexus and Mercedes-Benz sedans. Moreover, the Chrysler 300 has the governmental fuel economy that rates fourteen miles per gallon around the city driving and about twenty three miles per gallon along the highway. That is even worst that of a V-8 2012 Lexus LS 460 and Jaguar XJ and even for a 2012 Chevrolet pickup with a V-8.

But still no one would be able to confuse the Chrysler 300 from a truck and A Lexus from a jaguar. Revamped for the past three years but still is using the original platform of a rear wheel drive.  The Chrysler 300 itself will look like a new and full-sized sedan. Previously, it looked like Bentley now with a modern shaped headlight emitting diode, black colored grilles and a daytime lamps that offers a sinister look style yet very attractive to 300 SRT8. Looking inside at the 2012 Chrysler 300 (SRT8), will reveal a unique upscale appearance that has the standard covering for the seat and feels like real leather, power adjustments for both the front seats, fiber carbon trim, richer compared to carpeting and of course the Garmin-based system for navigation with a perfect 8.4 inch display. 

Best of all, such genuine car that weighs about two tons, stretches 16.7 feet long also rides very comfortably and handles very well. Aside from the overall inside-out appearance, this wouldn’t be possible without technology, looking at the role of technology in such vehicle; the operation of the car includes valve and timing system with a variable divided into two stages that come in both high and low speeds. The car runs smoothly on city streets and highways with an economical average fuel consumption that is perfect for traveling. Chrysler advises the use of premium gasoline for you to experience the peak performance.  People all over the streets would come about after hearing your engine growl. The huge sedan including the dark spoke wheels, Black Vapor and the low profiled twenty inch tires would be the center of attraction.

Chrysler 300 Accessories

Chrysler 300 Accessories

Whenever you wish to improve the exterior of your Chrysler 300 without loosing a lot of money on car accessories and body kits, or you wish to start it slowly to reduce your disbursements for your vehicle, you ought to buy Chrysler 300 rims first. No wonder that one of the most vivid parts in every car are the wheels. If you are designing to restyle your Chrysler 300 and present it a better appearance, you ought to start by substituting your aftermarket wheels with a new good-looking set of Chrysler 300 wheels, which will enhance the total performance of your automobile.

The first thing you need to know that there are various types of wheels which can be ordered today. There are chrome wheels, spinners, American racing wheels, light alloy wheels, truck rims, forged rims and custom wheels. All these types of Chrysler 300 rims differ in cost, dimensions, weight, design and installing options. If you just want to enhance the appearance of your Chrysler 300, you ought to buy Chrysler 300 spinners or chrome wheels. But if you also want to enhance the execution characteristics of your vehicle, you need to buy Chrysler 300 rims that are made for racing. They are lighter and improve the traffic performance of your auto.

The majority of the people are acknowledged that custom wheels enhance the exterior of each car. But the thing, a lot of people don’t even imagine that wheels also give their part to the total road handling of the automobile. The very first wheels were manufactured of steel, which guaranteed the additional weight and the handling of the vehicle was abided. Nonetheless, present day car wheels are aerodynamically configured, and are much lighter, which improves auto’s handling level.

The dimensions of the wheels are important as well. The bigger the wheels of your Chrysler, the better look and performance level it has. By raising the dimensions of the Chrysler 300 rims, you will possess better control on your car. This happens because of the surface area increase, which the car wheel uses contacting with the road.

Racing wheels are really popular among car owners today. Nevertheless, there are people who just wish to improve car’s look. And if you also wish a superior looking ride, and are not thinking a lot about the performance, you need to buy Chrysler 300 chrome wheels or spinners. Chrysler Accessories from like chrome rims are so hot because of their sparkling exterior. One more popular feature today is mounting Chrysler 300 spinner wheels. This special wheel does not possess any handling properties but it is very popular and stands out your auto from the masses. Custom spinners create an optical of spinning wheel when the car is stays still.