Technology and Luxury in the 2012 Chrysler 300

The 300’s dashboard is based on proprietary Uconnect technology with an 8.4-inch interactive touchscreen display integrating cell phone, SiriusXM Satellite Radio+, an MP3 player and HVAC.  Uconnect features a voice-activated communication system which can handle up to seven Bluetooth capable phones for hands-free phone use. Additionally, it also integrates with the phone’s contacts leaving the driver even more hands free.
One other distinctive feature is the incorporation of high-quality headlights. The Chrysler 300 Limited and 300C, has Bi-Xenon HID headlamps which produce three times more light than halogen lamps. Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) system is also in use. This is a driver assist technology which automatically turns the headlamps in the direction of the steering, vastly improving driver visibility. The headlamps automatically compute the angle of attack, slope and projection, not just the side to side movement of the steering. These safety features were previously only found in European luxury cars.
All in all, the Chrysler 300 is a statement model besides being an evolutionary step in the right direction. The safety features incorporated in this full-size sedan speaks of the direction the 300 will take in succeeding models. Whereas one criticism meted out to earlier model was the relatively short legroom for the rear passengers, this has been rectified in the 2012 version. The current engine lineup has also addressed any issues with being an underpowered vehicle.

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