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Chrysler: Preparing For Chinese Concepts for Beijing.2

The wrangler that comes in black color features decals that are of dragon designs found on its sheet metal. There are decals that are small while there are also those that come very large. You will also be able to see an ornate-designed dragon right at the underside of the Wrangler’s hood.
Going back to the main features of the Chrysler 300C, you will find that the exterior part of it comes with black exterior features. However, you will find gold accents on its black wheels. Gold trims are also found around the vehicle’s headlights.  You will also be delighted to see the 7-slat grille, which is the trademark of Chrysler itself.

Moreover, the 300C’s lighting has also been enhanced with the incorporation of LED lights, which are set in the vehicle’s traditional headlamps. Basically, when one gets the chance to see these enhancements, they will surely consider that these icons look so American like the Wrangler Jeep.

So the Chinese auto market has really something to expect as far as Chrysler is concerned. In fact the return of Chrysler will definitely put a bright spark to the people of China who simply love Chinese-inspired cars and vehicles.