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Mopar’s Cars Shine at Chicago’s Auto Car Show

Mopar’s cars shone in the Chicago’s Car Show decking up lots of visual goodies for car models including Chrysler 300’12, Jeep Compass True North Edition and Fiat 500 Stinger. 
Photos for the three Mopar stars strike the media and caught much attention for what Mopar has done for these car models.
Mopar played up Fiat 500 Stinger with yellow and black paint idea with the black stripes running along the sides while a black checker patterns dominates the roof. With the exterior styling changes, a 17-inch black aluminum wheels from The Abarth and a black chrome accents was wrapped around while the interior get the color touches matching the Stinger exterior styling. Mopar gets down new sets of brakes, cold intake and the cat-back exhaust helping the 1.4 liter engine to breathe.
Chrysler 300’12 got dressed up with sinister black-and-chrome color scheme accentuated by the blue pinstripes setting the car’s line back in great sight.  Mopar finished it with 20-inch glossy black rims completely embracing the handsome grille and paint job. On the interior, Chrysler was full leather black amid blue colored stitching to equal the handsome exterior. The Mopar blue emblems are embroidered in the seats.
Chrysler 300’12 gets the 5.7 liter Hemi V8 and its 363 horsepower is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission and a stiffer suspension.
Mopar practical improvements in Jeep Compass which the company called as True North Edition did not touch the Jeep’s off-road tag. What they did was to change it with the rear and front brush bars for its underside protection.  Mopar modifications were all cosmetic with a two tones matte black and burnt orange finish giving the SUV its more aggressive look without mentioning its larger fenders.
Mopar gave the SUV a neoprene seats making it a cool car for outdoor type car. Another cool touches includes dashboard will tilt and pitch gauges and carbon fiber shifter knob. The car got improved sound system and flip-down rear speaker for a cool night or day camping.
Mopar is a company dedicated with high performance and in providing for the needs of drivers from parts, accessories and maintenance. Mopar is a company that is always a part of every automobile’s events and activities from auto shows, car clubs and special events. The Chicago Auto Show is only one of the auto shows that Mopar’s cars get the full attention and grab the limelight for its aggressive and one-of- a kind styling and designs.