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Obama’s Chrysler 300 Goes on eBay with $1 Million Tag

A Chrysler 300 believed to be leased under the name of Barack Obama; the current US President is listed on online auction and retail site eBay and goes for a startling price tag of a million dollar. Prices are at the command of the posters and the huge starting bid dictates that the final bid price will not be in any way be lesser than. 

A certain Liza Czibor who claimed she posted the listing and said in a phone interview that the price is what the present owner is asking for and both of them expect the car will be sold for that price or even more. She also admitted that she’s getting commission for posting for the current owner.

She also added that she’s only after the money and she’ll be happy to get what she’s expecting. However some Auction house owners are raising eyebrows on the price and claim that nothing has ever gone far to that amazing price. Even the hearse which carries the remains of President John F. Kennedy was bought in an Auction for only $160,000. But eBay showed some on its previous listings have commanded high price including a Peugeot that was said to be owned by a former Iranian President.

Czibor has no title to prove her claim but said that an Illinois certificate of Title showed that Obama was the lessee and said that’s what the owner has right now. She did not elaborate on how the current owner has the car in his possession. What is clear is that Obama was then an Illinois Senator when he owns the Chrysler 300 and traded the car with another car supposedly to be a 2007 Ford Escalade which allegedly the car Obama used when doing his rounds of campaign for his presidential bid. Chrysler 300 car is an efficient car either for a combined city and highway driving tapping an 18 miles for about a gallon of gas fuel.

On the other hand, a spokesman for the White House did not give any comment on the eBay listing.

Chrysler 300 is now in the limelight as people are checking out the eBay listing although there is no bid yet. Liza Czibor and the current owner is relisting the car if it fails to get any bid and are both hopeful that when the election hype arrives, the chance for the Chrysler 300 to fetch its 1 million tag will get better.