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See Chrysler on a Recalling Spree

The automaker giant Chrysler is on a record breaking car recalling spree. Since last week over 200,000 cars has been recalled by this company. These cars span over six different models. Three of the recall orders were imposed on Chrysler by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The other three were by the conglomerate itself. 2002-Jeep-Liberty The recalls span almost all the brands owned by the company.
The NHTSA recall orders
The 2011 and 2012 models of the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are the leading units to be recalled.
Over 120,000 units were recalled over some faulty harness wirings for the air bags which are side mounted.
This could lead to non-deployment of the airbags in the case of a crash. The two-wheel drive cars of Chrysler the Dodge Nitro of 2007-2008 and the Liberty Jeep SUV’s of 2008 are the second most recalled cars with over 60,000 units recalled. The problem with these cars is a heat shield. 
This could cause a break in the driveshaft. This in turn could hit underneath where the airbag sensors are located.
This could be a cause of non-necessary airbag deployment. The last but not the least the NHSTA has asked the company to recall the 2012 models of the Jeep series, the Patriot and the Compass.
Over 20,000 of these cars have been recalled. This intrusion is courtesy a faulty fuel line which could cause the car to just stop and not move again.
Chrysler Recalls
The auto company itself has pulled back over 16,000 of its Ram trucks and Dodge sedans. Add to this about 6,500 of the Ram 1500 trucks built in 2012-13 the company has pulled back and 7000 the Cummin’s Powered Ram Heavy duty trucks it has got off the field. This is all due to multiple technical issues in the cars.