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The Chrysler John Varvatos S300c Editions Feature Exquisite Touches Both Inside And Out

The Chrysler group has come up with two special edition 300C models which are named as the s300C John Varvatos Limited Editions and the s300C John Varvatos Luxury Editions. Varvatos 300CThese models have been based on inputs provided by the one and only John Varvatos and the number of vehicles being introduced in the markets is going to be extremely limited. The limited editions will be extremely limited in production as well as availability while the luxury edition will be a lot more commercially available and is expected to lie in between the 300C Luxury Series and the SRT8.

The S300c John Varvatos Luxury Editions

The luxury edition is an extremely upscale version of the s300C and features 20 inch alloy wheels, painted accents, John Varvatos bade on the trunk of the vehicle and a chrome platinum grille. Chrysler Brand The interiors are decorated with lush Nappa seats, Poltrona Frau leather for door panels, dashboards and the central consoles, all black or two tone interior color schemes and matte finish wooden trims.

The S300c John Varvatos Limited Editions

While the exact details of the s300C John Varvatos limited editions are not yet fully available, it is expected to be a beauty to look at. It boasts of a phantom Black paint which perfectly complements the exterior trims with titanium looks, dark tinted tail lights and 20 inch alloy wheels. The bumper on the limited edition also seems to be copied from the SRT8 which helps in giving it an extremely mean look. The interior colors have a great combination of gray, black and pewter. The seats boast of metallic Nappa leather while the door panels, dashboard and the central console are covered with Black Poltrona Frau leather. The engine fitted into the limited edition is the 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 and the vehicle features an 8 speed auto transmission.

Watch out for the Most Luxurious and Fuel-Efficient Chrysler 300 2012

Saad Chehab, President and CEO of Chrysler Brand and Chrysler Group LLC proudly announced last December 27,2011 the coming of all new Chrysler 300 Luxury Series Sedan 2012 which would be according to him the most deluxe and fuel-efficient car for 2012. The ever-efficient Chrysler 300 luxury series is the Chrysler flagship and Chrysler 300 2012 now combines ultra-premium leather with world-class sharpness, safety, connectivity features which are all state of the art compare to other luxury cars. He also added that Chrysler 300 2012 has an eight-speed automatic transmission made more robust with Pentastar V-6 engine.
Speaking for Chrysler, Saad Chehab exclaimed that Chrysler 300 Luxury Edition is more than being their flagship car but also their trophy for the tireless majority and a car designed and built to meet even the most discriminating expectations.
The Chrysler’s big boss described Chrysler 300 luxury Edition 2012 as a car delivering an extreme combination of intense craftsmanship, technology, style and the ultimate best in-class fuel economy at 31 mpg. He also added that Chrysler flagship would expand its lineups with fuel-efficient V-6 engine option on top of Chrysler 300C luxury Series sedan’s 363 horsepower 5.7 liter HEMI V-8 engine complete with Fuel Saver Technology.
Chrysler is very animated in saying that Chrysler 300 and Chrysler 300C is the most highly selected sedan they have ever offered. Both series have a world-class luxury and very impressive styling including all premium amenities and exclusive interior and exterior designs and features.
Chrysler 300 sedan series 2012 vows to have passengers experience world-class level of smartness courtesy of the tiny and evenly-spaced ratios that provide faster acceleration and uninterrupted shift.  Chrysler 300 2012 will deliver up to 17% fuel saving enhancing the previous Chrysler’s generation with most advanced AWD system to ensure the highest rate for efficiency and all- weather traction.
The sedan series will most probably arrive at Chrysler dealerships around the first quarter of 2012. Chrysler at the same time gave a glimpse of Manufacturer’s SRP inclusive of $825 destination. The prices are as follows: Chrysler 300 Luxury Series (RWD) $40,145, Chrysler Sedan Series (AWD)$42,495, Chrysler 300C Luxury Series (RWD) $42,885 and Chrysler 300C Series (AWD) at $45,245
With Chrysler AWD system both for V-6 and V-8 engines, Chrysler 300 2012 has the only combination of active transfer case and the exclusive front-axle disconnect system which can never be seen in any other car models. In addition to this, Chrysler is mighty proud of no driver intervention in RWD and AWD transition. Summing it up, Saab Chehab predicts Chrysler 300 sedan series will continue to be the fun-to-drive car with high performance for 2012.