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The Mal-Manufacturing in the Chrysler Car Series

Having a problem in the manufacturing of cars is something that cannot be controlled at the initial stages all the times. Sometimes the defects are detected after the vehicles have been launched in the market.chrysler_300_c Chrysler also faced an issue with one of its car series as the engine of the car was later identified as the inappropriate one as it could ignite fire in the vehicle within seconds, causing huge level of damage to the car as well as the passengers.
Precautionary Measures
After detecting the problem after some of the fire incidents in the same model cars were reported. However, considering the safety of their clients, Chrysler tool the aid of telemarketers to spread the word about the danger that the engines of the car could cause to the owners of the specific model in order to make them alert against any miss happening.2013 Chrysler 300a
They called off the cars with same models present in the lots of the dealers in order to fix the problem and about the ones which had already been claimed by the clients by the time the issue was noticed, the company spread precautionary measures of parking the vehicle away from the residential areas so that even if the fire erupts, the loss of lives and other properties could be avoided.
The experts present in Chrysler are making efforts to resolve the issue as soon as it is feasible for them without charging anything extra from their clients before any other reports of fire eruption due to the vehicle happens.

Inside the Mainstream of Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 has reveal a project that has redefine the possibilities of a sleek performance when it comes to design, technology and efficiency. The details are well emphasized to incorporate a distinctive feature on how unique the vehicle can drive you across the highway.  Signature Chrysler logo attached on the front grille, halogen headlamps and glossy body style are definitely a deadly attraction to car collectors worldwide. Take a closer look inside the highlights of this outstanding deluxe auto.

Before heading to the outer gear of the Chysler, check out its efficiency-powered engine. Its two classification engine that comes in V6 and V8 optimized promising performance. With the 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine, the efficiency horsepower unit runs at 292 while the 5.7 liter HEMI V8 engine produces 363 of horsepower unit. To top it all, both engines can accelerate up to 60 mph in a dazzling four seconds range.

Diving inside the interior styling is more than what you could expect. This is where technology meets the trends of comfort and color. From the dashboard theme, satin chrome is the key selection to match the seats cover as well as the interior trim. The dual-pane sunroof cover control is made to feel the evening gaze of stars as you rover through the night.

Every driver loves a tech gadget in their workspace while driving. Voice command system, navigation, sound stereo and other devices are fully equipped in Chrysler 300 model. Giving a cool cruise streamline, the Uconnect Phone is a built-in voice command system that controls and synchronizes with any Bluetooth hand phone devices to yield in the driver’s desired command. Along with this tool features a stereo MP3 player, which you can play any tracks of your choice compatible with your Bluetooth-recognition smartphones. However, to give a more fantastic surround system, the vehicle presents a Harman Kardon Logic Surround System to supply full action force for music lovers. It just gets better than any dashboard-mounted devices.

The accent of exterior moding elaborates on both rear ends of the car. Designers utilize Adaptive Forward Lighting system as an innovative lightings for night driving. Halogen headlamps are also evident to give that handsome front look.

Safety in Chrysler 300 upgrades the standard features from previous models. Airbags are placed at different positions of the front seats to keep the body align against erratic positions when collision strikes. Parking sensors are also made available to render a safe parking control convenient for drivers to park anytime of the day.

Chrysler 300

Chrysler is known as the world’s leading luxury car maker that was established in the early 1920s. This new millennium is the birth of the phenomenal Chrysler 300C models. The new era of the latest generation of Chrysler 300C has finally began in the world of luxury vehicles.  
The new Chrysler 300 (2012) has evolved with its new features for both the exterior and interior designs that are truly world-class. The elite design features include the redesigned outer details, signature LED-accented headlights, an expansive and open dual-pane sunlight roof, and the so-called soft-touch appointments feature.
The 2012 Chrysler 300 exterior comes with a jeweled and C-shaped LED that really defines its distinctiveness among other luxury cars in the market today. One of the highlights of the Chrysler 300 Limited and 300C models is the so-called Bi-Xenon HID headlamps that are much brighter compared to halogen headlights. Chrysler’s new technology created for headlights is called the AFL (Adaptive Forward Lighting) system that provides more visibility and improved driving performance especially during the nighttime. The AFL system integrates an automatic leveling facet that has the capability to measure your steering wheel angle, as well as your speed to be able to identify the headlight projection.  The 2012 Chrysler 300 is also designed with integrated rear spoiler, a raked-back windshield that enhances aerodynamics, LED tail lamps, and tailored finishes of the unique grille.
The interior design of the 2012 Chrysler 300 is integrated with premium finishes and very detailed components to give a more impressive look on the surfaces. Chrysler developed the acoustic properties on the new model to lessen the outside noise and to keep it more peaceful from the inside. The rear seat measures 50.7 cubic feet which certainly provides more room for people. There are a lot of unique interior designs including the LED-backlit gauges, an analog click that is perfectly crafted to fit the grille, and satin chrome instrument clusters specifically on the dashboard. Drive with ease and comfort without hearing any noise from outside with its plastic-coated acoustic windshield feature, underbody acoustic closeouts, and the so-called fiber acoustic wheel liners feature. In addition, you can have this terrific feature called the dual-pane sunroof system that is available in some Chrysler 300 Limited and 300C models. You can also place your mugs and cups at the specially-designed heated and cooled cup holders to hold your drinks during a long travel. Chrysler 300 uses a Pentastar V6 and Hemi V8 engines and has high-performing features that promotes fuel efficiency, a multi-link suspension, and a powerful all-wheel drive system.