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Chrysler: Preparing For Chinese Concepts for Beijing

In honor of this popular brand’s come back in the Chinese market, Chrysler has announced the concepts, which it will be bringing in the Chinese market. There are actually concepts Chrysler has announced to be bringing in the market of the Chinese people. These concepts are to be brought at the Motor Show in Beijing this month.

The first Chrysler concept is 300C, which comes with a sharp looking attribute. It boasts of an all-black exterior. It also offers a set of huge wheels with an interior that comes with two tones.  The seating surfaces are also made of leather materials that also offer a light shade of color.
The car’s seatbacks are also embossed with a kind of symbol that can be seen in the form of wind gusts. According to the developers and innovators of this Chinese concept for Chrysler, the 300C was developed to impart Chinese elements for people who really like such characters and attributes.

The Chrysler 300C is considered as some kind of a wall flower when compared to Wrangler Jeep. It can be recalled that Wrangler also made it possible to come up with Chinese concepts for its auto designs. Basically, such concepts is usually designed and inspired by 2012 as the Year of the Water Dragon.