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The Chrysler John Varvatos S300c Editions Feature Exquisite Touches Both Inside And Out

The Chrysler group has come up with two special edition 300C models which are named as the s300C John Varvatos Limited Editions and the s300C John Varvatos Luxury Editions. Varvatos 300CThese models have been based on inputs provided by the one and only John Varvatos and the number of vehicles being introduced in the markets is going to be extremely limited. The limited editions will be extremely limited in production as well as availability while the luxury edition will be a lot more commercially available and is expected to lie in between the 300C Luxury Series and the SRT8.

The S300c John Varvatos Luxury Editions

The luxury edition is an extremely upscale version of the s300C and features 20 inch alloy wheels, painted accents, John Varvatos bade on the trunk of the vehicle and a chrome platinum grille. Chrysler Brand The interiors are decorated with lush Nappa seats, Poltrona Frau leather for door panels, dashboards and the central consoles, all black or two tone interior color schemes and matte finish wooden trims.

The S300c John Varvatos Limited Editions

While the exact details of the s300C John Varvatos limited editions are not yet fully available, it is expected to be a beauty to look at. It boasts of a phantom Black paint which perfectly complements the exterior trims with titanium looks, dark tinted tail lights and 20 inch alloy wheels. The bumper on the limited edition also seems to be copied from the SRT8 which helps in giving it an extremely mean look. The interior colors have a great combination of gray, black and pewter. The seats boast of metallic Nappa leather while the door panels, dashboard and the central console are covered with Black Poltrona Frau leather. The engine fitted into the limited edition is the 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 and the vehicle features an 8 speed auto transmission.

Features Galore for the 2012 Chrysler 300

During the 50s, the Chrysler 300 was a vehicle held with great esteem. However, during the 60s, it slowly disappeared from circulation.  After more than thirty years, however, the Chrysler 300 came back. In 2005, the Chrysler 300C became an instant hit in showrooms because of its retro looks, rear wheel drive, and V8 engines. However, as people got over how great it looks, sales started to dwindle. It seems that Chrysler has a knack for creating cars that become instant hits as soon as they are released. For instance, the PT Cruiser and Prowler were popular for a few years but then faded into oblivion once the fad had passed.

This year, Chrysler is going to try again. With a more powerful V6, more features, and a better interior, the redesigned 300 will hopefully fare better than its predecessors.

The 2011 five- passenger Chrysler 300’s platform was based on Mercedes Benz technology. Although the 2012 Chrysler’s platform is still based on Mercedes E-Class technology, but Chrysler claims that only 23% of the original platform is in the car. Although the 300 is known for its V8 engine, the new Chrysler 300’s V6 engine is more than satisfactory where power and smoothness is concerned. Moreover, thanks to its new 8-speed automatic transmission, the engine is fuel-wise.

Chrysler: Preparing For Chinese Concepts for Beijing.2

The wrangler that comes in black color features decals that are of dragon designs found on its sheet metal. There are decals that are small while there are also those that come very large. You will also be able to see an ornate-designed dragon right at the underside of the Wrangler’s hood.
Going back to the main features of the Chrysler 300C, you will find that the exterior part of it comes with black exterior features. However, you will find gold accents on its black wheels. Gold trims are also found around the vehicle’s headlights.  You will also be delighted to see the 7-slat grille, which is the trademark of Chrysler itself.

Moreover, the 300C’s lighting has also been enhanced with the incorporation of LED lights, which are set in the vehicle’s traditional headlamps. Basically, when one gets the chance to see these enhancements, they will surely consider that these icons look so American like the Wrangler Jeep.

So the Chinese auto market has really something to expect as far as Chrysler is concerned. In fact the return of Chrysler will definitely put a bright spark to the people of China who simply love Chinese-inspired cars and vehicles.

Chrysler 300 Widens Its Reach

Chrysler continues to expand its reach, with the sale of Chrysler 300 in Europe.  The redesigned 300C is now available in Britain. It will also be on sale in other European countries under the badge Lancia Thema. Though it has yet to gain grounds in the European market, Chrysler strives to increase the sale of 300C in the continent. Despite its slow progress in Europe, where the sales are significantly lower compared to the home market, the Chrysler 300 is still considered a success in the manufacturer’s new line.

It is seen as Chrysler Group’s flagship in its resurgence from the financial crisis that hit the U.S. market in the past years. With the leadership of Fiat Chairman Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler managed to restructure its fleet, and set a new and higher quality standard in a bid to boost its operation and gain more consumers. These efforts paid off, as the market supported Chrysler’s innovations. The success shows in a significant rise in profits and market shares, as well as sales records that were achieved. Chrysler then managed to settle its bailout debt and weathered the economic crisis that greatly impacted the entire auto industry.

Chrysler 300 – the Executive Series

The redesigned Chrysler 300 2011 edition has just been into a feverish night of show at the Detroit show.  Though the heat has not yet cooled down, Chrysler is moving again, adding a good number of models of the Chrysler 300 line up which will be presented at the New York Show.

Right at the show, the three executive series of Chrysler 300 were presented such as the 300 C STR8, 300 AWD, and 300 S. all of these three belong to the V-6 300. With such types of cars, Chrysler will always have an executive model for you: big wheels, banging’ stereo, fueled by furious yet righteous anger, one with one with premium wood trimming or incorporation or fine leather material.

1.The Chrysler 300 S

Chrysler has made it possible to broaden the sleek appeal of sleek sedans and these broad modifications appear on the 300 S. all of the S models come with brightly stripped wood and chrome.  The mirrors and fascia also come with color accents. It also comes with a black-colored chrome grille, headlight surrounds in black color, and aluminum wheels that are well-polished accented with black colors.

At the interior, it can be finished with Radar leather in red with matte carbon and piano black that replace the wood. It also comes with 8.4 inches display for infotainment serving as the control center of the ten speakers installed inside, 522 watts BA system developed by Dr. Dre with Jimmy Iovine, the chairman of A&M Records.

The Chrysler 300 C

The Chrysler 300 C Executive Series comes with extra lavishness. It comes available with an all-wheel or rear drive and also offers exotic materials which are common to Italian cars – luxury cars so to speak. The 300 C is treated with either of these two luxurious Italian leather materials: Poltrona “Foligno” Frau in black or Mochachino. These leather pieces are incorporated on the cluster brow and instrumental panel. 

Chrysler 300 C also comes boasting its console style side panels and panels for the upper door. The seats are carefully stitched with a leather material called Nappa and come with two color combo that you can choose.

The exterior of the car the chrome trimming is being replaced by superior and magnificent ‘platinum’ chrome and that the car gets polished uniquely in 20s.

There are no price listings available yet for such executive series cars but many are hopeful that these cars may at least be offered and sold at a price of $50K.

Chrysler 300 Drags you Down the Tracks

No one can beat the latest generation of Chrysler in the grand automobile car show. Fans would not let go this high- definition speculations built with futuristic engine ready to drag the tracks down. The commercial has skyrocketed the evolution of the American vehicle from their first generation LX platform to the second generation of the Chrysler Group LLC and until today, the features has even gone wild across the globe. 

What defines Chrysler in the garage of Ralph Gilles is typically a high-end sedan equipped with a SRT-8 model. Standard basic tune ups of the 300 series include a four-speed automatic transmission, power drive seat, 17-inch wheels, disc brakes, 2,736 cc of V6 tubes.

The 300C version of Chrysler has legit issues regarding the fuel consumption of the engine. Since it uses a 5.7 liter, the engines will run less power using the Multidisplacement System. The version of 300C has built in a 5-speed automatic transmission to make a 250 kW of horsepower and a 390 lb/ft of torque. In addition, the engine is geared to use the double rocker configuration and an overhead valve pushrod design. Spark plugs in each of the eight cylinders provide to lessen fuel emissions.

SRT became a top star later when their design group made a favorable blow to boom body modifications and engine controller not to mention those 20-inch forged and bright aluminum wheels. Horsepower was raised but the double rocker configuration became obsolete. Instead they upgrade the tuning to a more fine performance.

When Chrysler pike up to a quality engine, they were convince to push technology further in the platform. The SRT-8 series produce a 6.1 liter V8 with a pace of 425 horsepower to the SRT10 engine of 8.4 liter V10 powerhouse. Familiar with the Viper Chrysler, they got it for 300C.

The chase still does not end when car tuner of Mopar unveils in the market. Putting emphasis to grilles, the latest 300 models have customized the front lip of the automobile. Available choices are Gloss black, Platinum Chrome and Bright Chrome. However, these fortune rims are pricey yet worth a luxury.

For the wheels, whole new sizes reveal in stores placing the 18, 19 and 20-inch on the display. The eight spoke 19-inch rim can be purchased with a Satin Carbon look or Black Chrome together with a five spoke 20-inch rim. The 5-spoke 18-inch rim also gives a handsome look if you prefer a unique view of your Chrysler.