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Chrysler is Enlisting the Help of Telemarketers

Chrysler Inc. alerted the owners of the Dodge Challenger muscle car of a possible threat to their lives. The company revealed that the car might ignite a fire so it would be better if car owners would store them outside their homes. 29

The company claimed that the problem with the car model is the wiring system. Most of the car has a series of mis-wired electrical components, which might cause the car to heat up and start a fire. Only those car models equipped with a V-6 engine bound to ignite a fire.

Currently, there are already seven fire incidents that involve the 2013 Dodge Challenger. The manufacturers urge car owners of the said model to park their car away from their home to be safe from a possible fire ignition.

All the models built between December 3 last year and January 24 2013 were recalled, which makes a total of 4,459 cars. The company stated that out of the 4,459 cars; 2,500 were already sold to their clients, and the rests are still on dealer lots. The issue does not affect all car models as only those equipped with the V-6 models are affected.2013-Dodge-Challenger-SRT8

While most automakers would take their time to reach their customers involving a recall, Chrysler is enlisting the help of telemarketers to contact owners of the said car model to alert them of the possible danger to their lives. The car manufacturer is willing to give free loans for any affected car owners until they can resolve the issue about the car model.

This is not the first time that a car manufacturer recalls its car, back in July last year; Ford Motors also has the same problem with their 2013 Escape crossover. They warned car owners against the possible danger of owning the car because of a faulty fuel line that might cause fire.

Meanwhile, Chrysler hopes to resolve the problem as fast as they can without the need for an additional charge to their clients.