The Chrysler 300 Series Offer Users With A Unique Blend Of Style And Power

The Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 series are one of the best sedans made by the Chrysler group which boast of great styles and extremely luxurious features. The new generation Chrysler 300’s boast of a 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine which provides an output of 292 horsepower and 260 lb – ft of torque. The engine is ably supported by a 8 speed automatic ZF which allows for great acceleration along with fuel economy. The car can reach 0 – 60 m.p.h in about 6.5 seconds and provides a fuel economy of 19 for city driving and 31 for highway driving. The 300S model boasts of an upgraded V6 engine which can provide an output of 300 horsepower and 264 lb – ft of torque. Another Mod available is the 5.7 liter Hemi which provides an output of 363 horsepower and 394 lb – ft of torque. This is the most powerful engine available for the Chrysler 300 series. The new Chrysler 300’s also boast of a complete change in its exteriors and interiors which make it look a lot more potent. The biggest change has been in its interiors which now features a much better dashboard design and great features. There is plenty of space in the car for 5 passengers and the Uconenct Access Infotainment system with voice commands is also present. This system integrates the navigation, climate controls and the audio settings into a single unit. The interiors also feature a 8.4 inch touchscreen and a WI-FI hotspot. The exteriors look a lot more modern and the side sills and side windows have also been modified. The rear styling is influenced by sporty LED tail lights from and a newly shaped bumper with integrated exhausts. (to be continued…) 

Features Galore for the 2012 Chrysler 300

The 2012 Chrysler 300 comes in 7 trim levels: SRT8, 300C Luxury Series, 300S V8, 300C, 300S V6, Limited, and Base.  The higher the trim the better features and add-ons it has.

For instance, the lowest trim (Base model) comes with an 8-way power driver seat that comes with lumbar adjustments, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which can be tilted, cruise control, keyless/ignition entry, heated mirrors, a rearview mirror that automatically dims, automatic headlamps, and 17” alloy-wheels. Its 6-speaker sound system includes a touchscreen interface, steering wheel controls, a USB/iPod audio interface, a cd player, satellite radio, and an auxiliary audio jack. Bluetooth connectivity is optional.

The next trim up the ladder is the Limited. It has all the features in the Base model plus leather upholstery, a power front passenger seat, upgraded transmission, heated front seats, remote ignition, upgraded speakers, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, and 18” chrome wheels. The AWD (all-wheel drive) has upgraded brakes and 19” chrome wheels.

300S V6- (in addition to the Base and Limited) includes a bigger touchscreen display, a Dr. Dre sound system, performance tires, unique styling components, and steering wheel shift paddles. AWD have 19” polished aluminum wheels and RWD have 20” polished aluminum wheels. However, the power passenger seat and leather upholstery are optional.

Overall, the Chrysler 300 is a great choice in a sedan for customers who want a sedan with more personality than your ordinary family sedan. It is also a good choice for those who want a car that can substitute for European luxury sedans because even the base trim can pass as a luxury car.

Features Galore for the 2012 Chrysler 300

During the 50s, the Chrysler 300 was a vehicle held with great esteem. However, during the 60s, it slowly disappeared from circulation.  After more than thirty years, however, the Chrysler 300 came back. In 2005, the Chrysler 300C became an instant hit in showrooms because of its retro looks, rear wheel drive, and V8 engines. However, as people got over how great it looks, sales started to dwindle. It seems that Chrysler has a knack for creating cars that become instant hits as soon as they are released. For instance, the PT Cruiser and Prowler were popular for a few years but then faded into oblivion once the fad had passed.

This year, Chrysler is going to try again. With a more powerful V6, more features, and a better interior, the redesigned 300 will hopefully fare better than its predecessors.

The 2011 five- passenger Chrysler 300’s platform was based on Mercedes Benz technology. Although the 2012 Chrysler’s platform is still based on Mercedes E-Class technology, but Chrysler claims that only 23% of the original platform is in the car. Although the 300 is known for its V8 engine, the new Chrysler 300’s V6 engine is more than satisfactory where power and smoothness is concerned. Moreover, thanks to its new 8-speed automatic transmission, the engine is fuel-wise.

The Fancy Car Tuning of Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 is a brand of car which is first released in 2003 auto show in New York City, and is also known as a concept car. It was designed by Ralph Gilles, and he built it with the latest version of high-performance. It can also be seen in Australia, in fact, it was the first Chrysler sold in that place since the other one, which is the Valiant, was voided. It was also sold in Europe wherein it is called Lancia Thema, but it is still a brand of Chrysler.
The tuning of Chrysler was crafted by John Fortuno, also known as Fatchance. He has named this project as Fatchance 2.0, since he is the one who crafted it. He also had some runs with the other Chrysler Cars. The tuning of this car had everything that a man could ever imagine. And surely, it will satisfy the wants of the car lovers. These cars are very masculine physically since their exterior designs are mostly black in color. From the paint, the rims of the wheels, the tints of the windows, which are dark, matching the color of the body, the wing and other exterior designs that the person may want to add. Among other brands, it stands out because of its old style looks but modified exterior designs. The special features of Chrysler 300 are not only attractive physically, but also, the interior designs and the engine of this car model is also impressive. Its disc brakes, which are four-wheeled, were standard, it is also power steering, its driver seat can also be controlled automatically, and all of these are standard also. Just like other Chrysler Cars, it also has wireless link to mobile phones, satellites and others. The drivers seat, passengers.

Technology and Luxury in the 2012 Chrysler 300

The 300’s dashboard is based on proprietary Uconnect technology with an 8.4-inch interactive touchscreen display integrating cell phone, SiriusXM Satellite Radio+, an MP3 player and HVAC.  Uconnect features a voice-activated communication system which can handle up to seven Bluetooth capable phones for hands-free phone use. Additionally, it also integrates with the phone’s contacts leaving the driver even more hands free.
One other distinctive feature is the incorporation of high-quality headlights. The Chrysler 300 Limited and 300C, has Bi-Xenon HID headlamps which produce three times more light than halogen lamps. Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) system is also in use. This is a driver assist technology which automatically turns the headlamps in the direction of the steering, vastly improving driver visibility. The headlamps automatically compute the angle of attack, slope and projection, not just the side to side movement of the steering. These safety features were previously only found in European luxury cars.
All in all, the Chrysler 300 is a statement model besides being an evolutionary step in the right direction. The safety features incorporated in this full-size sedan speaks of the direction the 300 will take in succeeding models. Whereas one criticism meted out to earlier model was the relatively short legroom for the rear passengers, this has been rectified in the 2012 version. The current engine lineup has also addressed any issues with being an underpowered vehicle.

Technology and Luxury in the 2012 Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 is described as a full-size sedan which has a market footprint which competes with a wide range of vehicles including Ford Taurus, Buick Lucerne, BMW 5-Series or Cadillac STS. The power comes from a 292 HP 3.6 liter V6 with 8-speed automatic transmission. The 300C is powered by a 363 HP 5.7 liter V8.
Mopar is a Chrysler in-house tuning brand. The Chrysler 300 sedan tuning includes 8 different custom grilles made from billet aluminum with a choice of trim and finish made of Platinum Chrome, Gross Black and Bright Chrome. There are six alloy wheel packages from 18, 19, and 20-inch wheel sizes. The choices include 20-inch diameter forged metal in Satin Carbon or Gloss Black finish 10-spoke rims; five-spoke Black Chrome 20-inch diameter rims; eight spoke Carbon Black 19-inch rims; and two varieties of five-spoke 18-inch rally rims. Since Mopar is an in-house brand, these modifications do not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
Styled as an updated version of classic Detroit sedans, the Chrysler 300 has the power and the interior space. The 3.6 liter Pentastar® V6 is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission which is rated a fuel efficient 19 city / 31 highway miles per gallon (approx.). The 300C’s 363 HP 5.7 liter HEMI® V8 on an all-wheel drive transmission is rated at 16 city / 25 highway miles per gallon (approx.).

Chrysler 300: Then and Now

Its optional transmission perks up performance and oil market; however, customers who call for an all-wheel vehicle shall be delighted to find out that it is already now optional on both models. The interior feature of the Chrysler 300 maintains to bear customary technical components in an eye-catching, comfy package.
Appearance-wide, the more deluxe version of the vehicle was a breath of unsullied air to the array of Chrysler. With a bigger, boxier presentation and an elevated beltline, these gave this engine a macho yet stylish look. It was an absolute turnaround compared to the other old-fashioned designs that the model had tagged through the 1990s.
However, one of the most common criticisms is that while the model is a premium large size, the space at the backseat is more confined than that of the other medium-sized vehicles. The Chrysler 300’s center components have been a lot improved than those used somewhere else in the model’s lineup; however, they have not been able to catch up with the expected standards that might be possibly sold for more than 40 thousand dollars. Moreover, the model has been overwhelmed with recall and conferences due to quality issues for the past years and its capabilities, in terms of security features and results, is short compared to a class of top-rated vehicles.

Chrysler 300: Then and Now

The Chrysler 300 is a full-sized automobile first showcased at the New York Auto Show in 2003 as an ideal car.  However, a new design was presented in 2010 where the peripheral changes include a revision of the body, LED daylight running screens surrounded by headlights, altered LED taillights and a front grille slotted horizontally. The vehicle also shows a modernized version of the winged crest of the Chrysler brand.
Moreover, the newly designed four-door Chrysler 300 today, year 2012, proposes a more advanced interior and a stronger file of customary features. Nevertheless, adding alternatives can build the model expensive matched up to the other affordable full-sized cars. For the past years, since then, the Chrysler 300 lineup has improved little by little.
The 2012 model has a considerably restructured equipment and powertrain. When the previous model drove the streets on the previous year, it was the test drivers’ talk of the town, but everyone approved that its transmission was out-of-date and slow. For the new model, that certain transmission holds more than on the base 300, but Chrysler has supplemented a fresh and innovative transmission to the list, which had good reviews.

Chrysler 300 C Series: Taking You Further

Elegance and confidence is what brings this model at the top of the game. Be amused by its carefully designed interior and boast of the most technologically advanced in its class. Experience sedan luxuries like never before and discover a whole new side of Chrysler.
If you are interested to get yourself this car, just visit their website and start by customizing your car in their interactive flash platform. Estimate how much would it cost and know more about the models by reading specs and important information from the website. There are also pictures and videos that will help you know more about it. It is also advisable for you to read product reviews from the Internet where you can check out the cars ratings, pros and cons and other helpful information about the model.
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Chrysler 300 series, taking you further on the road.

Chrysler 300 C Series: Taking You Further

If you are looking for a

classic look that emanates elegance and style there’s no car more fit for you than Chrysler 300 Series. Ride in a full-size, four-door sedan that has been recurring since the 1950s which is categorized in six different models, the Chrysler 300, limited, C, C Luxury, S and SRT8. Get that confident look and get out of your car with your head held eye as you park your stylish luxury car.
The fresh Chrysler 300 2012 boasts of its efficiency and power that is equally made and manufactured in Detroit. Experience the Hemi ® V8 engines, and Pentastar V6® responsible fuel efficiency, its multi-link suspension and powerful all-wheel-drive system.
Get Chrysler 300 in 10 different colors that you can choose from, Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Black Berry Pearl Coat, Crystal Blue Pearl Coat, Tungsten Metallic Clear Coat, Cashmere Pearl, Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl, Luxury Brown Pearl Coat, Ivory Tri-Coat Pearl, Bright White Clear Coat and Black Clear Coat. There are also four types of front grilles that you can choose from whatever fits your taste from Chrome Surround with Liquid Chrome Bars, Mopar Chrome Mesh, Mopar Bar and Mopar Diamond. Another set of choices that you can choose from are the wheels. There’s the 17-inch Painted Aluminum, Mopar 20-inch Aluminum Cast, Mopar 20-inch Black Chrome, Mopar 19-inch Aluminum Cast, Mopar 18-inch Gloss Black, Mopar 20 inches Gloss Black Finish and Mopar 18-inch Aluminum Black.