Mopar Chrysler 300: The Elegant Dark Treatment.1

The automobile parts and service arm of Chrysler Group LLC, Mopar, is celebrating its 75th year of existence in the car tuning industry. As part of their grand celebration, Mopar has released customized products such as the Mopar-influenced Chrysler 200 Super S as well as the Dodge Charger Redline. The revelation was held at the Detroit Auto Show. According to Mopar, these two special editions are considered gift to themselves, for being strong in the industry for 75 years. In addition to the aforementioned “gifts” is a Chrysler 300 limited edition, which was specially built from the exclusive parts of Mopar.
The special and limited edition Chrysler 300 has a theme of black and blue this year. Car tuning enthusiasts and Chrysler fans are not new to this theme because it already appeared at the Mopar 2010 Dodge Challenger as well as in Mopar 2011 Charger. But the idea of applying both of these fully on a Chrysler is a new innovation. Undoubtedly, this theme suits the Chrysler 300 and it gave more elegance as well as opulent image to the car. The other visual upgrades that the Chrysler 300 received are kept elusive yet classy. The influence of the Mopar 2010 Dodger in terms of bold graphics, hood scoops, and spoilers are modified in this model. Instead of getting a direct influence from it, the Chrysler 300 gets “Mopar Blue” thin stripes in the belt line and continues its way down to scoop-free hood.

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