Chrysler 300 Widens Its Reach

Chrysler continues to expand its reach, with the sale of Chrysler 300 in Europe.  The redesigned 300C is now available in Britain. It will also be on sale in other European countries under the badge Lancia Thema. Though it has yet to gain grounds in the European market, Chrysler strives to increase the sale of 300C in the continent. Despite its slow progress in Europe, where the sales are significantly lower compared to the home market, the Chrysler 300 is still considered a success in the manufacturer’s new line.

It is seen as Chrysler Group’s flagship in its resurgence from the financial crisis that hit the U.S. market in the past years. With the leadership of Fiat Chairman Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler managed to restructure its fleet, and set a new and higher quality standard in a bid to boost its operation and gain more consumers. These efforts paid off, as the market supported Chrysler’s innovations. The success shows in a significant rise in profits and market shares, as well as sales records that were achieved. Chrysler then managed to settle its bailout debt and weathered the economic crisis that greatly impacted the entire auto industry.

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