Chrysler 300: Then and Now

The Chrysler 300 is a full-sized automobile first showcased at the New York Auto Show in 2003 as an ideal car.  However, a new design was presented in 2010 where the peripheral changes include a revision of the body, LED daylight running screens surrounded by headlights, altered LED taillights and a front grille slotted horizontally. The vehicle also shows a modernized version of the winged crest of the Chrysler brand.
Moreover, the newly designed four-door Chrysler 300 today, year 2012, proposes a more advanced interior and a stronger file of customary features. Nevertheless, adding alternatives can build the model expensive matched up to the other affordable full-sized cars. For the past years, since then, the Chrysler 300 lineup has improved little by little.
The 2012 model has a considerably restructured equipment and powertrain. When the previous model drove the streets on the previous year, it was the test drivers’ talk of the town, but everyone approved that its transmission was out-of-date and slow. For the new model, that certain transmission holds more than on the base 300, but Chrysler has supplemented a fresh and innovative transmission to the list, which had good reviews.

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