Chrysler 300 Review

Showcased in the 2003 New York Auto Show as a concept car, the Chrysler 300 is considered an upscale full-sized car. The year after became the official sales launch of the Chrysler 300 2005 edition, one year early.  There were two versions of the Chrysler 300 and both were designed by world-renowned Ralph Gilles – the SRT 8 model that is regarded as the high performance edition, and the luxury sedan 300. Aside from North America and Europe, the Chrysler 300 is also being sold in Australia. Surprisingly, the last time a full-sized Chrysler sedan was sold down under was in 1981 and it was the old Valiant. In Europe, The Chrysler 300 will be renamed and sold as Lancia Thema and sales have already picked up late last year. Nevertheless, it will carry its original name Chrysler 300 in the entire United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Chrysler 300 has adopted some of the features from the Chrysler LX platform such as its rear wheel setup. Other component attributes it derived from the Mercedes-Benz E Class, which was sold from 1996 up to 2002. However, the Chrysler 300’s double wishbone suspension it got from the W220 Mercedes-Benz E Class. Other car elements that the Chrysler 300 got as shares from other car models include wiring harnesses, 5-speed automatic transmission setup, front seat frames, and the rear suspension design. 

Production started in 2004 for the Chrysler 300 and it was made available in two variants, the station wagon and the sedan. The car is also available in four engine types – the turbo diesel engine, which has not been made available in other countries, the swift SRT 8 model, which can run from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in as short as five seconds, the 5.7 liters, which is only available on the 300C model only, and the 2.7 liters model.

Some of the amazing comments on the Chrysler 300 are:

The car amazingly handles great on curves and corners.
Engines are serenely quiet and it only becomes noticeable when revved at high speeds.
The price of the Chrysler 300 is reasonable considering that it is a high-end car with high-end features and power capabilities.
All the technological advances to reduce fuel consumption are present on the Chrysler 300.
The car’s interior is as classy as ever, the steering wheel moves on both directions, and the driver’s seat is adjustable eight ways.

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