Chrysler 300- Gives up Trademark Styling

It’s mean, it’s tough, masculine and blocky – it’s Chrysler 300. For more than few decades, Chrysler 300 has wowed many car owners simply because of its blocky styling. Its big success is credited to its being bold and big and helped it became worldwide people’s car.

However, Chrysler has to catch up with the modern times. Chrysler’s chief designer Ralph Gilles has earlier announced after times of contemplating and thinking about other

streamlined cars, Chrysler has decided it’s time to give up its trademark styling not because it’s has been outdated but to give it better aerodynamics and of all other things that modern car buyers look for in a car. Gilles has even stated that Chrysler 300 will be the most wind-swept car when it started giving up its old self. Chrysler has come out with a smaller and less popular Chrysler 200 that has shunned away from being blocky. This smaller version of Chrysler has received aero-treatment that has met the highest standard. The new Chrysler 300, which has been developed under Gilles’ supervision, has been seen as the next big car thus putting up a tough competition to its closest rival – The Germany-made cars.

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