Chrysler 300 Gets 5-Stars for Safety

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently released its list of Safety ranking for automobiles and GM Chrysler 300 gets 5-star ranking for safety. 
Chrysler 300 also landed on the top pick list of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety while sharing the same prestige with another GM product, Dodge Charger. Both automobiles have 5-star badge for Safety.
The 5-star safety badge came about for Chrysler 300 front and side crashes which means the muscle car has scored high on front and side tests, which measure how the automobile’s front and side absorbed the impact of a head-on-collision. Landing on the top list gives Chrysler 300 another feather on its cap after being tagged as the most dependable car of the all times. Chrysler 300 also got 4 stars for rollover safety, which means it has scored above average on rollover safety test. Roll safety test is conducted to measure automobiles’ safety in cases of rollover incidents.
However, Chrysler 300 and Dodge high safety rankings are only for its high performance scores in both Front and side and rollover safety and its performance as an upscale beef SRTV V-8 is particularly excluded. However, Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger high safety performance is a result of its safety technology that summarily derives from being a 4-wheel drive with an adaptive headlights and automatic high beams.  Both carry collision warning with an adaptive cruise control and the ever dependable blind-spot warning system. Both have rear path detectors for more safety on tough surfaces.
Dodge Charger now have police car version for Michigan State Police as well as for NYPD, Amherst, Ohio, Memphis Police department and California Highway patrol.
Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition has the Smart Beam headlight for greater visibility and safety for night driving. The second generation Chrysler was also noted for its standard seat-mounted side airbags and modified LED tail lights. Its front rear is a slotted horizontal grille carrying an updated Chrysler’s winged emblem. Its improved raked windshield is set for more visibility while its dual-pane sunroof is for greater outward visibility.
GM is proud and happy on how Chrysler is being received as car with topnotch safety technology. With 5 –star rating from NHSTA, the automaker is determined to continue to produce and make a better version of the car not only geared for pleasure driving but most of all for a smooth and safety ride while being on the road.

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