Chrysler 300 Drags you Down the Tracks

No one can beat the latest generation of Chrysler in the grand automobile car show. Fans would not let go this high- definition speculations built with futuristic engine ready to drag the tracks down. The commercial has skyrocketed the evolution of the American vehicle from their first generation LX platform to the second generation of the Chrysler Group LLC and until today, the features has even gone wild across the globe. 

What defines Chrysler in the garage of Ralph Gilles is typically a high-end sedan equipped with a SRT-8 model. Standard basic tune ups of the 300 series include a four-speed automatic transmission, power drive seat, 17-inch wheels, disc brakes, 2,736 cc of V6 tubes.

The 300C version of Chrysler has legit issues regarding the fuel consumption of the engine. Since it uses a 5.7 liter, the engines will run less power using the Multidisplacement System. The version of 300C has built in a 5-speed automatic transmission to make a 250 kW of horsepower and a 390 lb/ft of torque. In addition, the engine is geared to use the double rocker configuration and an overhead valve pushrod design. Spark plugs in each of the eight cylinders provide to lessen fuel emissions.

SRT became a top star later when their design group made a favorable blow to boom body modifications and engine controller not to mention those 20-inch forged and bright aluminum wheels. Horsepower was raised but the double rocker configuration became obsolete. Instead they upgrade the tuning to a more fine performance.

When Chrysler pike up to a quality engine, they were convince to push technology further in the platform. The SRT-8 series produce a 6.1 liter V8 with a pace of 425 horsepower to the SRT10 engine of 8.4 liter V10 powerhouse. Familiar with the Viper Chrysler, they got it for 300C.

The chase still does not end when car tuner of Mopar unveils in the market. Putting emphasis to grilles, the latest 300 models have customized the front lip of the automobile. Available choices are Gloss black, Platinum Chrome and Bright Chrome. However, these fortune rims are pricey yet worth a luxury.

For the wheels, whole new sizes reveal in stores placing the 18, 19 and 20-inch on the display. The eight spoke 19-inch rim can be purchased with a Satin Carbon look or Black Chrome together with a five spoke 20-inch rim. The 5-spoke 18-inch rim also gives a handsome look if you prefer a unique view of your Chrysler.

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