2012 Mopar Chrysler 300

As part of its 75th anniversary celebration Mopar, a tuning house responsible for the gorgeous repackaging of several renowned vehicle brands, has shown its new improved version of Chrysler 300 at the 2012 Chicago Auto show.  The new Chrysler 300 has adapted the theme that Mopar has used to its 2010 Dodge Challenger version as well as the Mopar’s version of 2011 Charger – the black & blue. Although this theme was known to Dodge it was the first time that Chrysler will get this transformation so naturally some variations has been made to fit the 300 and keep its cool classic elegance.
Instead of using the usual bold combination Mopar’s thin blue stripes can obviously be seen along the beltline and running through the middle of the vehicle’s hood. The blue is in direct contrast to the complete black treatment using black grille, dark-trimmed headlights, and black aluminum wheels. The interior of Mopar ’12 300 is also set to follow the black/blue theme, highlighting the black interior are blue stitching to the chairs, blue inserts, blue leather in the steering wheel and blue shift lever. A reminder that this Chrysler 300 is a limited edition can be seen on the sill plates, which bear Mopar’s serialized plaque.
As part of the upgrade, the Mopar-ized Chrysler 300 promises a better performance. Compare to the suspension setup of unmodified 300 versions the front spring of Mopar 300 is stiffer by 42% while the rear spring is firmer by 23%. Although the 5.7L V8 stays the same an expected improvement can be seen since the usual 3.06:1 was replaced by a 3.91:1 thereby increasing the performance ratio. A limited edition high end brake pads has also replaced the old ones for improved performance and the usual Firehawk tires (tyres) was replaced by Goodyear’s Eagle F1 high performance tires.
This limited edition 2012 Mopar 300 is estimated to cost around $50,000 or less in complete package, any Chrysler 300 owners however can copy this limited edition look by purchasing the upgrades and putting them to the vehicle by themselves. Every accessory that was used to this special 300 edition, except the badges, can be found in the Mopar catalog including the prices of each. For avid Chrysler collectors Mopar will release around 500 limited edition units this summer and those who will grab one of those could expect a complimentary box of special edition gifts that contains the signed concept sketch of Mopar 300, a certificate of purchase, and a special key fobs & swag in Mopar’s signature.

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